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Tune In To Your Turn Ons


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Included in this course:

check The reason it's so hard to know what our turn-ons are

check The difference between the estrogen and testosterone turn-on cycles

check The secret about everyone's turn ons

check What we think turn ons are vs. What turn ons actually are

check Exercises to explore your turn ons

check Workbook that leads you through discovering your turn ons


Unlock Your Desires: A Guide to Discovering Your Turn-Ons and Enhancing Intimacy

Have you ever frozen when a sex partner asks, “What do you like?” You’re not alone. It can be an intimidating question if you’ve never taken time to think about what your turn-ons are. You’ll leave this class with exercises to help you clear the fog, plus ideas about how and where the keys to your turn-ons might live.

In this class we’ll talk about:

  • Why it can be so difficult to recognize what your turn-ons are,
  • What we think turn-ons are vs. what they actually are,
  • What needs to be in place to get in the mood, and
  • Ways to discover your turn-ons.

This will be great for you if:

  • Your struggle to understand what you want;
  • You want to help your partner explore their turn-ons without putting pressure on them;
  • You want to help destroy the patriarchal myth that women don’t really like sex!


This class is for individuals or couples and is open to all genders, sexualities, etc. You do not need to have a partner or any experience to attend the class.