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Why has my libido tanked and what can I do about it?


Your libido isn't the problem!

You used to be ready for sex any time, but now you'd prefer a pedicure. Meanwhile, your partner still wants the kind of sex you used to have and it's getting annoying. Is there something incurably wrong with you? NO. There’s something wrong with the message that there's a "right" way to have a libido!


🔥  In this class we talk about:

  • why trying to “fix” your libido is often addressing the wrong problem

  • the difference between sensual touch and sexual touch, and why it’s so important

  • a simple exercise to help you fill your actual needs, rather than forcing yourself to have sex you don’t want


🔥  This will be great for you if:

  • your libido has plummeted (since kids, since the pandemic, since aging, etc)

  • you’ve ever heard yourself say, “I’m exhausted and if my partner asks for sex tonight I’ll scream!”

  • you want to help smash the patriarchal myth that if your libido isn’t raging, you’re failing